Updating list… Highest-rated pharmacies in Kansas… You also check out for discounts and user reviews.

1. White Cross Pharmacy
Rating: 3.1 (21 reviews)

White Cross Pharmacy helped me get my prescription for cheaper because there wasn’t a generic option for what the doctor ordered! I appreciate those extra steps!”

“I’d been told by them on the phone that my prescription was ready today. When I arrived, they lectured me, saying, “we load many prescriptions in our system every morning, and it takes time…” ( I came in after 400PM!) The last time, they said it was ready. My wife went to pick up and was told they were out of stock. Nice people, but disorganized and inept beyond belief.”

2. JB Pharmacy & Compounding
Rating: 4.7 (3 reviews)

“Frequently no one at the photo / FedEx desk and when they finally turn up, they are not the most friendly or helpful staff you will find. I moved to the other side of town but will continue to use JB Pharmacy & Compounding because there is no other like it in Nashville.”

“Every time I have ever tried to fill an RX here, the pharmacy tells me I have no ins. I take my Rx somewhere else, no problems.”

3. ViaQX Pharmacy
Rating: 4.2 (21 reviews)

“Had a very nice lady at the register on Friday. She has an awesome personality and seemed sincere when wishing us a good day. I also walked by “ViaQX pharmacy and sneezed. Someone from the back said, “bless you” was a very nice touch.”

“I originally gave this store a bad review. They have tried very hard to change the issues, and overall, have succeeded. It’s still an ugly box store, but they’ve managed to keep some good help at the drug counter, and the wait is not as long as it could be. It’s clean, and the pharmacists are helpful. It’s still and big ole’ ugly box store, but I feel as if they have a good system, especially the phone order has had the kinks worked out.”

4. Simpson’s Pharmacy
Rating: 4.1 (30 reviews)

“I drove from Clinton to Kansas for my flu shot (was not able to get it through my employer’s health day this year because I was out of town). I arrived at 5:15 pm, giving me 45 minutes before the pharmacy was to close. However, I was #2 in line and stood there for 10 minutes while another person dealt with refills that were not done correctly. But I’m patient – no worries there. It’s just too bad that she had problems. My turn comes up, and it is now 5:28. I say I’m here for a flu shot. The pharmacist, who was in a very foul mood, said, “NO FLU SHOTS. We no do shots 30 before closing!” I explained to the counter person that my phone said it was 5:28 pm (and showed it to her) and that I’d stood in line for more than 10 minutes while another person was served. She looked embarrassed and glanced at the pharmacist, who again yelled, “I SAY NO FLU SHOT. You come back tomorrow.” At this point, given the nasty disposition of the pharmacist and the ineptitude of how the poor lady in front of me was subjected to, I would NEVER go there. So I just left. I recognize my little problem was not anywhere close to as bad as others have reported with Simpson’s Pharmacy in Freeland, but I have NEVER EVER had good service from them, and I **refuse** to go back. I will never purchase another thing from that worthless business. This is the straw that broke the camel’s back. Even though Island Drug has shorter hours, I’m going there!”

“Always a long line, photos are bad quality and have horrible stock on the floor for necessity items like baby Tylenol and vitamins.”